Favor's Project

Welcome to Favor's Project

Favorís Project was started to collect good used pet (dog and cat) supplies: collars, leashes, pet coats, beds, X-pens, crates, toys, bowls, food and any other items and give them to shelters, rescues and companions of the homeless persons. In the first three months of 2012 we received so many donations that it was decided to form a 501(c)3 non-profit to encourage businesses to donate as well.

Favorís Project is a very unique non-profit as we have centralized collection of those items that many rescues and shelters are not able to obtain on their own. This makes it easier for those who donate to know that their donations are going to groups that need them through a central collection organization.

Thanks to the kindness of businesses throughout the Denver metroplex that are allowing Favorís Project to place donation buckets in their stores, we are collecting even more needed items. A participating business close to anyone interested in giving can be located on the map on the ďDonation LocationsĒ page and then clicking on the flag closest to their location. The map will give you directions from wherever you happen to be.

Year to date information (January through October 1st 2013).

Number of groups participating in Favor's Project - 46

Donation Bucket Locations - 23

Pounds of dog food/treats donated to groups - 17,990

Dog and cat toys donated to groups - 353

Pounds of cat food/treats donated to groups - 3,410

Collars and harnesses donated to groups - 474

Leashes donated to groups - 216